How To Get Listed In This Directory

You can get listed here for free as long as you run a legitimate business that we are able to verify.  We also offer a premium online advertising service that will help you bring in even more customers.

Basic Business Directory Listing (Free)

Regular listings are free but are done at our own pace (could take a week or more)

  • Your business must actually be located in the greater Buffalo area (must be in Erie county and within 20 miles of downtown Buffalo)
  • If your business is outside our normal 20 mile range, then you can still get listed, but it you would have to pay for it.  (see the premium advertising page)
  • Your business must have a public mailing address and telephone number that can be posted on this site.


How To Get Your Business Listed Here For Free

Fill out this form below.  We will review your business and notify you via email once your listing has been published.

In the category field, you can name your own category. You don’t need to choose from an existing list. Just type in whatever the ideal category for your business would be. We will choose our closest matching category or else create a new one depending on the situation.

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