Online Advertising For Buffalo NY Area Businesses

Would you like more customers?Hello Western NY business owner.  Did you know that we offer advertising packages that can help you generate even more customers for your business?

When a local Western New York resident visits this website, it is because because she is looking for a company to do business with.  She is a hot prospect that is going to do business with somebody – either you or your competition. Obviously you want to win her over as a new customer.

When she lands on the category page she is searching for and sees a list of companies to choose from, you want her to notice your business before she notices your competitors.  Right?  That gives you the best chance to earn her business.

You also want to give her the impression that your business is a little bit better than those other businesses because that will help sway her decision to do business with you.  Right?

Well, we put together a number of different packages to help you convince her to do business with you.   Here they are:

Enhanced Listings

picture of a man talking into megaphoneThe first major benefit of an enhanced listing is that the size and prominence of your listing is increased so that your listing is sure to attract your prospect’s attention.   We add a small picture (usually your logo) to the listing which really makes it stand out.

The second main benefit of getting an enhanced listing is that your listing immediately gets bumped to the top of the page.  You either get the very top position on the page or the second position depending on whether or not any of your competitors are currently paying us for the “Absolute Top Ranking” for that category.  You will see that package listed down below where you can lock in your number one position.

You only pay for the enhanced listing once.  Then it stays an enhanced listing pretty much indefinitely.

This enhanced listing is customized for one category.  If you want to have your business listed in a second category, then you need to buy an enhanced listing for that category too.  You will be able to customize your enhanced listing separately for each category.   That way you can do a better job of trying to win more business.

Cost = $49 (onetime payment)


Listing Bump

boost your rankingCost = $10 (onetime payment)

Your enhanced listing for a category can move lower over time if other business owners buy enhanced listings for that category.  That new person automatically gets moved above you unless you are paying for the absolute top ranking listing.   We created a listing bump so that you could bump your business back to the top if new people have displaced you.

If your enhanced listing has moved lower on the page because other people have purchased an enhanced listing after you, then you can bump it back to the top by getting a listing bump.  Your enhanced listing gets bumped back to the highest spot on the page or else back into second position if someone is currently paying for the absolute top ranking on that page.


Absolute Top Ranking Listing

first placeCost = anywhere from $9 to $100 per month depending on the category.  (Most categories are $9 per month if you want to lock in the absolute top position listing.)

We move your enhanced listing to the very top of the page for that category ahead of every other listing on that page including paid ones.

You can’t lose that top position even if someone buys a listing bump. Your listing stays at the very top as long as you keep paying the monthly fee. This spot is sold on a first come first serve basis.

We automatically bill your credit card every month for the listing. We review the monthly price every six months based on demand for that top listing.  If there is a price change based on demand, then you will have first chance to keep that top listing for at least another 6 months.

Online Brochure Package

convince prospects why your business is betterThink about all of the people around Buffalo or the suburbs who are going to be potential customers of yours in the next six months, next year or whatever.  Imagine if you had them all get together in HSBC arena.   Now what if you could walk around that crowd introducing yourself and handing out business cards and brochures to all of those potential customers?   Do you think that would generate some business for you?  You bet it would.

Well, we can’t get all your future prospects together at HSBC arena for you to do that.   But, we have created an advertising package (this online brochure package) that does something similar.

woman presenting an offerThis online brochure is a sales page for your business that outlines what your business does and why people around here should choose to do business with you.   It is kind of like having a salesman on staff 24/7 just waiting for someone to ask him about your business.  This online brochure is going to help you win new business from customers who may have otherwise gone to one of your competitors instead.

This brochure can contain any form of media you can put on a website.  So, in addition to having written text, you can also have pictures, drawings, audio clips and videos.  Heck we can even embed a television or radio commercial onto the page.  We will link out to your website wherever it is appropriate to do so.  We will do whatever we can to create a page that helps convince people to buy from you.  That is the goal of this online brochure page.

We promote this page on our website and link to it from your enhanced listing.   We also promote your brochure on other websites.  This online brochure almost becomes like a second website for your business.

And, because the cost for this brochure is so little, the return on your investment should be excellent over the long run.

Cost = $247 (onetime cost)


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